Friday, May 22, 2009

Unhappy Catt and happy cat

I must admit that I've really been slacking with my own personal collection, lately. It has a lot to do with having just graduated from Michigan State's Horticulture program (as in 2 weeks ago!) and everything to do with being 8.999 months pregnant.

I brought this gorgeous Cattleya home about a month ago. It was in serious need of division, but time was the last thing I had. I finally got time to do the division two weeks ago and pretty much destroyed the whole plant. I did get three good-sized pieces out of it, though. Unfortunately, I didn't pot them up right away. What can I say; I've been distracted! I'm hoping the bare-root divisions are still viable!

I potted one up today. Yes, one. So very ambitious of me, I know, but I kind of don't really want three of these orchids. I was up to about 50 orchids last year. That was until I brought home Sully the giant kitten you see here. He was a greenhouse kitten abandoned by his mother and I couldn't watch him starve to death...and with the salad bar once known as my houseplant collection, that will never happen!

So, here's the final result. One potted-up Cattleya (who's tag I've temporarily misplaced). I hope that new shoot, there, does something. Actually, I just hope the plant lives. Those were some very unhappy roots!

I've seen worse survive and make a glorious comeback! I suppose I'll keep my fingers crossed. ...just need to keep those cat lips off of it.

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